Decreased Libido Treatments

Decreased Libido Treatments

Decreased Libido Treatments

Decreased Libido Treatments

Decreased Libido Treatments

Decreased Libido Treatments

Decreased Libido Treatments

Decreased Libido Treatments

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For many people, an active sex life is a crucial part of their relationship. Our interest in pursuing sexual encounters is determined by something known as our sex drive or libido.

A decreased libido is characterized as a significant reduction in a person’s sex drive. A person with a decreased libido may find that they have little or no interest in sexual activity with their partner, fewer sexual thoughts and are no longer ‘turned on’ by things that once increased their sexual appetite. Many will still engage in sexual activity in order to satisfy their partner but gain little or no enjoyment or release for themselves.

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There can be many reasons why someone begins to experience a loss of libido. For men, some of the most common triggers include:

  • Stress

  • Fatigue

  • Depression/anxiety

  • Relationship problems

  • Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol

  • Taking certain prescription drugs such as those to treat depression or advanced prostate cancer

  • Taking recreational drugs

  • Low testosterone levels

It is important to remember that libido can vary widely between different men and what is normal for one man may be very unusual for another. That said, if you experience an obvious change in your own sex drive, then you may be starting to think about potential treatments that could help.

Treatment for a low libido

There are a range of different treatments that can help to rectify a decreased libido and which you will be recommended will largely be based upon what is believed to be the cause of your issue. In many cases, lifestyle changes and forms of psychological counseling can be hugely beneficial. This can include tackling alcohol consumption, improving sleep quality and quantity and talking through issues within your personal life that may be affecting your sex drive. You may be prescribed medications to help you manage your stress, anxiety or depression and to help you sleep better, or if you are taking medications that could already be affecting your libido, you may be offered alternatives. However, if these treatments aren’t proving effective, or you have been found to have low testosterone levels (something which can be detected by a simple blood test) you may be referred for a treatment known as testosterone replacement therapy.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is a very common treatment prescribed for men who have been diagnosed as having a decreased libido and require assistance in order to regain a full and active sex life once more.

There is a range of symptoms associated with low testosterone. In addition to low libido, they include decreased muscle mass, loss of body and facial hair, fatigue, poor concentration and even episodes of erectile dysfunction. TRT helps patients to build their testosterone levels so that these symptoms can be reduced.

Various forms of testosterone supplements are available. These include:

  • Skin patches. These are worn on the body and release the hormone into your body during the course of the day. The following morning, you simply apply a new patch.

  • Gels. These are also absorbed directly through the skin. You apply these once a day as directed.

  • Mouth patches. These work in the same way as skin patches, but these adhesive tablets are worn inside the mouth and stick to the gum where they transmit the hormone into your skin and bloodstream. Mouth patches are applied twice a day.

  • Injections and implants. These slightly more invasive options involve either an implant placed under the skin that releases testosterone into your bloodstream or the testosterone being injected directly into the muscle.

If you would like more information about decreased libido treatments, including testosterone replacement therapy, our team of a discreet and knowledgeable professional will be happy to help. Contact our offices in Chicago, IL today to schedule your appointment.