“I’ve always been good at getting to the gym, but I’ve also always struggled with extra belly fat. Ipamorelin therapy has made a significant difference in my waistline.”


In the United States alone the weight loss industry caps out at 70 billion. We’re inundated with new diets, exercise equipment offers, fasting regimens, and the latest options for clean shakes or supplements. It can be dizzying to figure out what works, what doesn’t work, and most important - what works for you. At KINGSMEN we cultivate a comprehensive approach to weight loss. We want to know about your habits and lifestyle and we want to get an in-depth understanding of what medications are best suited to your body and your weight loss journey. For many of our clients, Ipamorelin is our “go to” weight loss solution.

When you meet with a KINGSMEN health care professional, they will work with you to determine your Ipamorelin dosage to get the best outcome. Ipamorelin, like Sermorelin, is injected subcutaneously (into the belly fat) using a small insulin syringe. This allows the Ipamorelin to attach to the appropriate receptors in your body, and start a “cascade” of fat burning events.

Ipamorelin is a pentapeptide and peptides are the building blocks that make up proteins. Ipamorelin is also made up of five amino acids that assist the body in breaking down food. As we age these naturally occurring amino acids can decrease, which can cause a decrease in physical and mental function. Ipamorelin can provide relief to common symptoms of aging by increasing these proteins in your body.

To get the full benefits of Ipamorelin, we recommend a 2 hour fast before injection at night, before bed. For best results we recommend a patient be on Ipamorelin for 6 months with a 3 month minimum.

Benefits of Ipamorelin include:

  • Best peptide for weight loss

  • Best peptide for anti-aging

  • Boost in lean body mass

  • Yields an average 15% loss of fat

  • Boost in mood and libido

Some patients experience side effects including elevated heart rate and blood pressure. Your KINGSMEN health care professional will discuss these side effects before you begin an Ipamorelin treatment program and will monitor your levels periodically throughout the course of your treatment.

Genetics, lifestyle, age, stress, even the lack of good sleep can contribute to weight gain. It’s all about energy and your body’s ability to burn fat and operate at an optimal peak. We’ve found that the use of Ipamorelin helps many of our clients get their bodies into that peak state.

Every man is different and will respond differently to medication. At KINGSMEN Med our goal is to guide you to good health and a program to live your best life. Always speak to your doctor about the benefits, risks, and side effects of any medications or medical treatments. Take care of yourself, handsome